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Please complete the form below with information that relates to your home and pet situation.

We realize these forms seem lengthy, however we want to provide the best care possible for your pet and need this information to complete that job successfully.

Use the "TAB" button to move from one field to the next.

DO NOT hit the "ENTER" button until you are ready to submit your completed form.

Bold fields are required

Enter each of your pet's names and type of pet:


Pet Owner Information:
Pet Owner #1:
Name:(Last, First)


Residence Address: (include city/state/zip)


If an apartment and you have a designated parking space, enter your space number here:


If this is a gated community of any kind, what is the entrance code?


If this is a gated community and an Exit Code is required, please enter your Exit Code here:


Residence Phone Number:


Cell Phone Number:


Email Address:


Work Phone Number:


Pager Number:


Fax Number:


Pet Owner #2:(if only 1 pet owner, page to "Home Information".)
Name:(Last, First)


Cell Phone Number:


Email Address:


Work Phone Number:


Pager Number:


Fax Number:


Home Information:
Which door is our entry door?


In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, preventing travel, whom should we contact to check on your pets? Please give name, address and phone number. If there is nobody available, enter "none".


Whom should we contact in the event there is a major problem with your home? Please give name and phone number. If there is nobody available, enter "none".


Other Names and Phone Numbers that may be needed in the event of an emergency:
Landlord/Managment Company:


Maid/Cleaning Service:






Landscape/Yard Maintenance:


Pool Company:


Is there anyone else with a key to your home? Please list name. If no others with key, enter "none".


Will any other person have access to, or be visiting your home in your absence? Please list names. If no others visiting, enter "none".


Give details on cars and there locations:


Please enter instructions for the following:


Trash care/pick-up day:


Air Conditioning/Heating:


Shades/Blind Preferences:




Where is your fuse/circuit breaker box and fuses, if needed?


Location of Primary Light Switches:


Home Security Information: If no security system, enter "none" in the boxes below.
Disarm Code:


Set Code:




Security Company Name and Phone:


Please detail any other conditions or situations that may be unique to your home that we need to be aware of prior to performing pet sitting services. If no other conditions or situations, enter "none".


I certify, by entering my initials and last 4 digits of my Social Security number, that all of the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I will notify Big Dog and Miss Kitti's Pet Sitting Services of any change to the above, prior to the start of any Service Period.
Pet Owner's Initials:


Pet Owner's Last 4 digits of Social Security Number:




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